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Cocoa Beach Florida is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world.  Predominantly known for its beach, there are also plenty of other attractions such as nearby Cape Canaveral.

However, living here can have a few detriments.  The sea salt, constant sun and inclement weather can wreak havoc on expensive items such as cars, motorcycles, RV’s, and more.  So what do the residents of this seaside town do?

Invest in steel garages and carports.

A steel garage has become the most popular model over the last several years.  Its popularity can be traced to the fact the this type of garage is less expensive than other types, will never rot and need painting or staining, is less expensive than wood, and will last seemingly forever.

OSE Florida builds more Cocoa steel garages than any other company.  We have been in business for nearly 40 years and have built thousands of steel buildings of varying size and style.  There is literally nothing that we can’t design or build.

Call us today or use the contact form on the right side of the page and we will get started designing, building and installing your new garage or carport.


Customized Steel Garages

  • Protect vehicles from the Florida weather with the durability of a steel garage
  • Fast installation of your steel building
  • Steel structures require very little maintenance
  • Custom Engineered to meet your specific needs and zoning requirements
  • Steel Structures are 10%-20% less expensive than conventional construction
  • Steel Construction makes it easy to expand your steel building for future needs


Standard Steel Building

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