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Apopka is a rapidly growing town that sits just a few miles from Orlando.  Folks here are friendly and the city still has that small town feel that is so hard to find nowadays.

Being a primarily blue collar town ensures that its residents will use U.S. companies and U.S. products when shopping.  That is why so many OSE Florida steel buildings exist in and around the town.

OSE Florida is the preferred choice for steel garages, steel carports, workshops and other types of buildings. We are an American company with American workers who has been in business for 40 years in the state of Florida.  We have thousands of satisfied customers and tons of repeat buyers.

Our garages can be built as big or small as needed.  Rest assured that our engineers can design anything you need!  We provide the best quality, lowest prices and number one customer service in the business.

Browse our slideshow above to check out just a few of our steel garages for Apopka.  When you are ready, just call us or fill out the contact form on the right for a no obligation quote.

Apopka garages can be found at a majority of homes in the city.  Don’t get left out, grab your steel garage today from OSE Florida!

Standard Steel Building

Your Apopka FL Garages Expert!

Customized Steel Garages

  • Protect vehicles from the Florida weather with the durability of a steel garage
  • Fast installation of your steel building
  • Steel structures require very little maintenance
  • Custom Engineered to meet your specific needs and zoning requirements
  • Steel Structures are 10%-20% less expensive than conventional construction
  • Steel Construction makes it easy to expand your steel building for future needs


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