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Melbourne Florida is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Located right on the beach, it draws tourists from around the country looking to soak up the sun and amazing atmosphere.

However, there is one drawback to actually living here and believe it or not, that is the weather!

The weather in Melbourne can be tough on cars, boats, RV’s, motorcycles and more due to the constant sunshine, frequent afternoon rain, blowing sand and of course, tornadoes and hurricanes.

That is where we come in. OSE Florida is the number one rated steel building manufacturer in the state of Florida. We have been in business longer than our competitors boasting over 40 years of experience. We have built steel buildings in every county in the state and even have ventured into Georgia.

So why are Melbourne Fl garages from OSE Florida so vital?

Well, our steel garages are made to last. You never have to worry about eroding, decaying wood or other materials. In addition, there is no need to repaint or stain your garage every year.

If that wasn’t enough, our garages can withstand anything including hurricane force winds.

At OSE, you can design your own building; just speak to our engineers and tell them what you need. We will get it done.

Finally, as there will be no upkeep, this is an investment every homeowner should make. It may be a little more expensive than wood or other materials on the front end,, but it will pay for itself very quickly.

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Customized Steel Garages

  • Protect vehicles from the Florida weather with the durability of a steel garage
  • Fast installation of your steel building
  • Steel structures require very little maintenance
  • Custom Engineered to meet your specific needs and zoning requirements
  • Steel Structures are 10%-20% less expensive than conventional construction
  • Steel Construction makes it easy to expand your steel building for future needs

Standard Steel Building

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