Lake City Carports

Are You Looking For Lake City Carports?

Lake City Florida is a beautiful spot located in Central Florida.  And yes, it is surrounded by crystal clear lakes.

If you drive around the pristine city, you will notice an abundance of steel carports and garages, seemingly at every residence and many businesses.

Now, while these buildings look great, there is another reason why they are so prevalent in Lake City; they offer protection from the harsh elements of Florida.

While Florida is beautiful, it does have its share of inclement weather. Strong sun, heavy rain and even hurricanes are common and can destroy expensive vehicles such as cars, boats, RV’s, motorcycles and more.

Steel carports are fairly simple structures that offer complete protection from these problems.  Not only are they weather resistant, they are attractive, resistant to pests such as termites and can last up to 30 years with no maintenance.  In addition, they are actually much less expensive than their wooden counterparts.

So where do you get Lake City carports?

Well, OSE has been designing and installing carports in the Lake City, Florida area for nearly 40 years.  We are the most trusted steel company in the state and have thousands of happy customers.  Our engineers can design the building you want to your exact specifications.  Use the form on the right side of the page to get a no obligation quote right now.


Carports and RV Enclosures

  • Protect your vehicles from the Florida weather with the durability of steel
  • Fast installation of your steel building
  • Steel structures require very little maintenance
  • Custom Engineered to meet your specific needs and zoning requirements
  • Steel Structures are 10%-20% less expensive than conventional construction
  • Steel Construction makes it easy to expand your steel building for future needs


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